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On The Beat
’80s Tribute
JUNOS ’80s NIGHT: The second of four Juno Awards tributes to the decades nights at the Horseshoe took on the ’80s recently. A capacity crowd turned the club into a sweltering sauna, and some hot action took place on stage as well. The night was started and finished by, respectively, up and coming rockers MODERN SUPERSTITIONS and SAN SEBASTIAN, each playing spirited versions of some Canadian classics of the ’80s. In between, original stars from that decade offered up their hits, in generally impressive fashion. The night was certainly musically eclectic, ranging from rap (MAESTRO FRESH-WES), to new-wave and synth-pop (BLUE PETER, THE SPOONS), commercial pop-rock (PLATINUM BLONDE), and hard rock (ANDY CURRAN of CONEY HATCH and RIK EMMETT of TRIUMPH).

On The Beat ’80s nostalgia

By Kerry Doole
Originally Published: 2011-01-16

BLUE PETER/CHALK CIRCLE: Feeling nostalgic for the ’80s sounds of Toronto new wave? If so, do we have a double bill for you. Two of the best Canadian bands of that decade, Blue Peter and Chalk Circle, are reuniting to share a stage for the first time in 25 years. The show, set for The Mod Club on Jan. 21 (an early show), promises to be a real treat, for the music of both groups has stood the test of time better than that of many of their peers. Their careers ran somewhat consecutively, as Blue Peter formed in 1979 and split up in 1985, while Chalk Circle’s life spanned the 1985-90 period (both groups were smart enough to call it quits at the right time). Each scored national success with many of their singles, but their largest following remained that of their Toronto hometown (heavy airplay on CFNY helped). Perhaps you (or older siblings) remember such hits as “Radio Silence” and “Don’t Walk Past” (Blue Peter) and “April Fool” and “This Mourning” (Chalk Circle), while albums like Radio Silence and Falling (BP) and Mending Wall and As The Crow Flies (CC) were consistently strong. This gig is strongly recommended.